Sunday, August 21, 2005

Czech inspiration

Whilst in Prague I proclaimed myself to be an Artist. Other people can be artists so why can't I be? So I am. I am an Artist. Woohoo!

That's not to say I am a good artist of course. In fact I think I am rubbish. But that's not the point. I am an Artist.

My friend proclaimed himself to be the same but I am not sure how much he feels it to be true.

I have done many odd and random things in my time which could be called art. Indeed, there is a lot of art out there which was not called art in the past. I have actually decided, or rather being drawn, to produce a collection of drawings. The content of which I shall explain at some point but for the moment I shall merely say that I hope to create something a little odd. That's the plan anyway. Actually I know exactly what I want to draw; in fact I imagined the scenes whilst away and ever since I have wanted to get my grubby little hands on a pen and paper to draw them. In my mind they are excellent. I just need to attempt to splurge them onto paper...

And lo and behold: I have drawn my first today. There are many flaws as expected but I take alot from it. The ideas are tightening up and taking form. The overall look I am pleased with. There are many avenues of improvement to take but this is expected. I will improve as I draw so this, for me, is a great start. Unless I don't improve of course and I shall continue at this level. If this is the case then I shall lose my motivation and stop my efforts. Either way, I need to get these urges to draw out of my system.

Even if they are good by my standards they won't be by most other people's. So it is very much a personal thing. Good or bad, it will be a personal journey to portray the disturbed contents of my mind. Good or bad.

Either way, I shall be an Artist.

The first of many...possibly

Well hello there me. This is me. Just writing to myself as I seem to get on with myself very well. In fact everything I say to myself interests myself. Well, nearly anyway: there was that time when I went on about nice shiny ovens for about half an hour or so. Damn boring bastard; what do I care about ovens? I ask you...

Anyway, to get to the point, I think this will serve as a, what's the word, um, forum I believe, for my thoughts. I have lots of random thoughts which I think are interesting to myself at least. But they keep getting lost in the ether. Drifting off like really light things cos no one is paying them any attention any more. Poor things. But no more! They shall be stapled down into blogspot and preserved for eternity. What an odd thought. Long after I past into the ground they shall remain of an extant nature. Unless the staple wounds kill them.

It's nearly my bedtime. Early night for a change. There have been lots of late nights lately due to the Sziget festival in Budapest. God-fecking festivaltastic! It was at that festival (or perhaps Prague beforehand) that it was decided that this would exist when I got back. And as a result of the hols, I have many things that I would like to document on this. On Bob. As I've just decided to call it. Bob is very nice blog. Very amenable.

Bob will serve me well. My backlog of thoughts that I would like not to ever disappear is about yay big (waves hands about randomly). This being the first day back from hols is a good start for me. Although I have a thousand of other things to do so who knows if this will continue on such prompt form. I certainly don't. Maybe Bob does, in his infinite genius. I'll ask him sometime.

I'd really like a curry now actually. But I can't as I'm going to bed. Bugger.