Sunday, April 09, 2006


On the subject of making sandwiches for lunch at work, I found that I mostly couldn't be bothered. I haven't done so in ages but I stumbled onto a bit of a middle-ground solution in the process. That solution I have named hamper-style.

Hamper-style is an elegant solution for those too lazy to make sandwiches but don't want to eat-out for whatever reason. It also appeals to those harking back to the days before sandwiches: the days when you would have a 'bit of this' and a 'bit of that' on your plate; and this is what hamper-style is in a nutshell.

In my use of hamper-style, I placed several items in my lunchbox such as a lump of bread, a few slices of meat, a block of cheese and some sliced cucumber and maybe a few cherry tomatoes thrown in for good measure. Make sure they are good quality ingredients
otherwise it just doesn't work. You can then enjoy the items one by one or combine them in whatever combination takes your fancy. A multitude of eating choices which a sandwich can never give you.

Of course, I admit that there is some preparation required to create your hamper-style lunch, such as slicing things and chopping things and ripping things; but even so, it is still much quicker than making a sandwich.

I coined the phrase hamper-style as it was reminiscent of a hamper. It is also called traditional-style as this is what we used to do in ages past.

I find it quite satisfying a meal and I am here to promote this as a way forward for the nation and to encourage the subsequent death of sandwiches.

Death to sandwiches!

Hey, hold on a minute, I like sandwiches, what am I saying? Can't hamper-style and sandwiches co-exist on this earth? Yes, I'll give that a go first, and if that fails I shall destroy all sandwiches. And I will, you know? If pushed I will do just that. It's not a ridiculous objective in the slightest. And no, I don't have too much time on my hands. Hey, don't mock me, this is serious. Right, I've had enough, I'm coming around there right now to knock that pesky sandwich right out of your mouth!

As a wise man once said: 'You can make hamper-style out of a sandwich but you can't make a sandwich out of hamper-style.'