Monday, May 01, 2006

Food faces!

A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away... no, hold on, it was this galaxy actually, I often get mixed up; I'll rephrase that: a long time ago... I used to make faces with my leftover food. But not at home as that would be terribly sad; just in cafes and eateries. It works well with pizza if you leave the crusts; and all-day-breakfasts as there is flexibility with the variety of items. However, this can only be experienced if you are either too full to finish or the food is rubbish.

This hobby both flexes your artistic skills and lets you embarrass your friends when the waiter/waitress comes around to collect the plates. It is a: 'im not with this guy' sort of situation. Although to be honest the waitresses often don't even notice half the time.

I must admit I don't partake much these days but the last time I partook, the two girls I was with loved the idea and got well stuck in. Unfortunately the waitress didn't notice their fine efforts as she rushed over and plonked the plates on top of each other and rushed away. All that work for nothing.

When you think about this 'making faces with your food' business you realise that it's actually quite a friendly and nice thing to do: the cooks make an effort to give you nicely presented food; so you should do the same for them in return.

Try it!

: - ) (made with two baked beans, a piece of toast crust and a stringy bacon rind)