Monday, December 19, 2005

Weird dreams

That's what I've been having recently. It's bizarre. A couple of weekends ago I had just plain bloody scary nightmares, while last weekend I had two that were a little more odd.

Saturday night consisted of myself plotting to kill someone for a couple of weeks. No idea why or who. The climax came when I went to their house while it was dark. It was a grand house with a huge garden. I only managed to get through the gates when I inexplicably jumped into some long grass to wait for them to come back from somewhere. Not sure why I didn't head to the house itself though.

After a few minutes I think to myself 'I might get caught' and I immediately jump up and sneak off. Quite why that thought escaped me during my weeks of planning is clearly stupid.
Then it got just plain strange as I sneaked into a hotel type flat complex thing. There are cleaners there who I try to avoid. One of them says for me to open the door to let the air come in. So I do. Then I go through several other doors and narrowly avoid a security guard. I duck into what I thought was a large concert hall type room but then when I turn around I realize it is not that at all. It is a large room, padded with tiles with lift-like doors on the straight wall to my left and a curved wall to my right. Steps lie on the far wall. Suddenly the lift doors open and I run for the steps on the far wall. After that everything is a blur.

The interesting thing for me is that the room I was just in actually looked fantastic. I didn't described it very well but I remember loving the look of it. And I thought of it in a dream. Badgertastic!

Of course, it could be a lingering memory of something that has been trapped in my mind for a long time. But I think more than likely it was a combination of other memories fused together to make something completely new. Shame I'm a crap drawer so I'll never be able to do it justice.

Anyway, Sunday night's dream was short and strange. I should point out before I go into it that I have been pondering stopping smoking recently. Well, slightly more than usual anyway. Not that I'm a big smoker but when I'm out drinking the beer orders me to smoke.

Anyway, to the dream: I had just found out that I only had a short time left to live. Terrible news but I didn't take it that badly. I shrugged and said to myself, 'well at least I can carry on smoking and not worry about it'.

What a worrying selection of dreams, eh? Clearly from a mind that is on it's last legs. Possibly, but I hope not. In real life, I'd prefer to give up smoking rather than die. Although, to be fair I shall probably do neither for the foreseeable future...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am very happy for I have finished my website! Woohoo!

Well, when I say 'finished' I mean sort of nearly there. To be more precise, significant steps have been made such as the publication of the new design. Little bits still left to finish but I'll get there. Testing isn't complete either so I need to perhaps spend tweekend sorting this stuff out. Then I can finally rest. Phew. Well, not exactly; then I have to get on with the other website make-overs.

Not ideal but who's going to do it if I don't? Literally no-one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

We Are All Badgers

Well, it's been quiet as a badger on this blog for a good month. And it was a good month in fact. That's the problem; too many other preoccupations.

Let me subconcarate:

Seem to be busy every weekend for the past age with visitations and merriment. All good. All very good. But I'm not going to go into all that malarky. Also I've been redesigning WAAB which is taking fecking ages; largely because I don't have time to do it. When I do work on it then I get through a lot. It badly needs a bit of a shine and polish. Although, it won't look like a badger anymore.

Anyway, the badgers are calling me...


PS - Warning - I just made up the word subconcarate so please don't use it in general conversation otherwise you risk being called an idiot.